Gallah Kebelnagy

Female Dwarf innkeeper


With long, tightly-braided red hair, elegant, neatly-bowed muttonchops, and crisp green eyes, Gallah is boisterous, friendly and fun-loving. Owner and operator of the Buxom Dwarf Inn, also known as ‘The Rock,’ in the small community called Neppenz, Gallah has the qualifications to have the Inn named for her. She is loud and inclusive and will make an attempt for any of her guests to have fun. However, she isn’t obtrusive and can take a hint if someone wishes to be left alone.

She wears tight corsets with loose to exemplify her figure and chest, as well as long, flowing skirts. She barely ever wears shoes, however, as she can’t stand the things.


Gallah has nine dwarven children, most of whom, work at her Inn. Her first five were from her husband, Brengle, who opened the Inn and died many years past, the rest are from various long or short-term relationships Gallah has had over the years. Despite loving them all, she has decided that nine is enough. When coupling, she takes steps to ensure that she has no more children.

Gallah brings in much of the spirits served in the Buxom Dwarf, but she brews her own beer, Gallah Ale, that she reserves for herself and especially honored guests.

Gallah Kebelnagy

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