Ivy Lonestarling

Female Halfling outrider


Tall, for a halfling, and wiry, Ivy has brown hair she keeps shortly-cropped and light brown eyes. She wears animal skin leathers adorned with black feathers.

Ivy is incredibly competitive, practically to her detriment, especially when it comes to the larger races. When not in competition, she is good-natured and adventurous, allowing her emotions to take hold of her and get her into more trouble.


Like most halflings, Ivy hails from the great forests of the Sunken Valley. Her life in the valley was unremarkable and the wanderlust that takes hold of some halflings is amplified in the youthful halfling. She left home to seek out adventure, eventually somehow coming into possession of the Charm of Thirin, ending up in the inn called ‘The Rock.’

Ivy Lonestarling

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