The Grand Eclipse Shall Fall…


The twin worlds of Qosmeq and Qronus sit in a shared orbit around their sun, Jyunæz. Sharing an axis, they rotate around one another in a cosmic dance that drastically effects both planetary bodies. Qosmeq earns the most benefit from this relationship, having developed an atmosphere that is conducive to a wide variety of forms of life, sentient or otherwise. Qronus, meanwhile, sits nearly barren, maintaining its position of either being too far or too close to the sun to support any notable type of life.

The climactic, meteorological, and geological effects the twin worlds have on one another is undeniable. A high chance of dangerous superstorms, massive seismic events, and other disasters make the Qosmeq a land that can transform from peaceful to deadly in seconds. The many sentient races of Qosmeq have adapted to these conditions, settling along a stretch of the world in which these various natural events have a tendency to occur with less frequency. The rest of life on the world has either adapted to the dangerous conditions (thus, becoming more dangerous and deadly in and of itself) or become extinct.

Fortunately, for the sentient races, Jyunæz provides a power that enables them to both survive and strive – magic!

The arcane power that magic provides can be fickle, but it has enabled many civilizations throughout history to endure the harshness of Qosmeq; even to the point of mastering the land and building mighty cities. Magical power is akin to wealth in the civilized lands of Qosmeq, and every society revolves, in some way, around the acquisition of more powerful and diverse magical skills and formidable arcane resources.

These kingdoms are in decline, however. While the dwarves thrive beneath the mountains, the elves persevere in mobile kingdoms on the seas, and halflings build resiliant, complex nations above the great forests of the Deep Valley, the humans, once so powerful and grand,  have fallen to decline. In their great cities, the wealthiest majority of humans rely on wondrous magical objects for even the most mundane tasks while the minority who are poor are barely able to survive. As the ranks of the impoverished continue to grow, the once-great universities of humanity lay quiet as the wealthy embrace decadence and stagnancy.

The goblins, meanwhile, with their adaptability and pragmatic outlook, have taken early steps of civilization. Unfortunately, the very thing that has enabled the greenskins to thrive is what may be responsible for their destruction. The very nature of the goblin; take what one wants, adapt to survive, look out for the self; stands in their way.

And in the great, cosmopolitan cities of Qosmeq, the people gather, knowing the next long Eclipse will soon be upon them and when the Long Night happens, the magic of Jyunæz will fade and that which lurks in the dark places will be able to feed, once more.

Arcanum Eclipsis

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